Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 - Intro to Christmas

We had an awesome Thanksgiving Day. Ofcourse it was busy - we stopped past Hubby's Mom'shouse and then we went over to my Grandmother's house. Busy day, especially when the little one likes to take a nap from noon to 2p or 3p and sometimes 4p. All that running and no nap, makes for a cranky one year old.

This is what I wore while I handled it
Tshirt and Open Cardi - Avenue; Printed leggins - Ashley Stewart; colored socks - gifted

So we managed to get the Christmas Tree up and decorated (partially, but thats all we are getting this year).  I started to snap a few photos for our annual holiday card.
!!!!Sneak Peak Alert!!!!
... and he cant keep his hands OFF my tree

Then on MONDAY
Business as usual - Mommy Errand Day
Sharkbite shirt - ??; Printed jeggins - LaneBryant


Audrey said...

se que ton fils a grandit !!!!!!! et qu il est beau !!!!

Audrey said...
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