Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As he grows-Three months

Yea, that hat was a little to big for his head, lol
But his new shoes fit nicely :)
Three Months Old
Happy First Thanksgiving!
Weight : 11 lbs 4 oz
Diaper Size : 1
Drinks : 4 oz at each feeding
Wearing : some NB undershirts and 0-3 month sized clothing

Ryan has found his hands. He loooves to put them in his mouth and play with his tounge. He recognizes Mommy and Daddy. But Mommy is the only one that can actually put him to sleep. He likes to laugh and talk – so if you let him, he will stay awake for a long time, even when he is really tired. And that makes him extra cranky when its time to get him to sleep.  This was the first time he wore shoes too. He got these new addidas from his Godmother - Auntie Nikki!

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Andie said...

awww he's such a little peanut!

Nefertiti said...

hooooooooooo il est troooooooooop mignon !