Monday, September 5, 2011

Ryan's Nursery _Inspiration and Transformation (Pics Heavy)

We were actually really ready for Ryan to arrive when he finally made his grand entrance.  I have been telling everyone that "Rock Stars" have to be fashionably late, lol.

The inspiration:
When I was deciding what I wanted Ryan's Nursery to look like, I wanted to make sure it was a room that could grow with him.  Im not really a fan of "baby nurseries" I prefer a room that is chic and modern with a touch of "baby." I found the perfect inspiration at the Project Nursery website.

Max's Room was the perfect inspiration for Ryan's Nursery

 And this room was inspired by:

When I originally showed my inspiration rooms to Ron, he wasnt thrilled.  He had a more traditional idea of what he thought the nursery should look like.  But he oblidged me and we went with my idea of a modern baby boy nursery.

I wanted to share a few pics of Ryan's Nursery
 My Grandmother and my Mother came over to visit to make sure that all my items were in order.

 I loved the idea of the black wall.  My Mother and Ron were not to excited about it at first,
but when it was done everyone loved it.
There are still probably a few more things in this room than what I would have liked for a modern and chic room. But the room still has to be "baby" functional.  And I guess with all the extra stuff, Ryan has everything he needs.

Ron and I still want to add a photo behind the crib.  I think we are going to get the photo below printed on glossy paper or mounted to foam core.

 Gotta have books. And his letter "R" will get on the wall one of these days.
That piggy bank was mine as a baby. I was happy to pass it down. And one of our babyshower gifts was a chu-chu- train with the letters R-Y-A-N... adorable.

The transformation:
Im a little embarrassed to show you what the room looked like "BEFORE" it became Ryan's Nursery.
But, here goes ...
Sadly, this was my computer room and guest room and packing room.. yup, it was really this bad at one time.  And all the clothes on the bed were in preparation for the "babymoon cruise" that we went on in April.

Then we cleaned the room all out. As much as I wanted to keep it, I had to give the daybed to one of my sorority sisters. Yea, there is still a little clutter, but nothing like what was there before.
 The last task was the painting. Aunt Rita did a remarkable job in transforming this room into a nursery.  She did a great job and we loved the finished product. Cousin Nikki purchased the crib. And Courtney and Yolanda put the dresser together for me.  I made a few of the pictures for the wall (ABCs and 123s ... and I painted the striped canvas)), and we got the "Keep Calm" printed on foam core at Staples.  I have a few more pics to add but for some reason I cant find the pics.  Ill have to post them later. Check Back to see the transformation pics :)


barbara thompson said...

I love what u did for Ryan's nursery. I also love the color of the before room. What brand and color was it?

Totally Inspired said...

Thanks Barbara! The "before" color was a can of "oops paint" I got from Home Depot when I first bought my house (over 7 years ago). So sorry, I have no idea the color. It was only $5! lol :)
Mrs Hall In Training

Mavis said...

Congrats! Love the room. You did a great job with it.